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Campfire in the Mountains

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Top 5 Reasons to Pack Edibles Instead of Alcohol on Your Camping Trip

Top 5 Reasons to Pack Edibles Instead of Alcohol on Your Camping Trip


Photo by Vlad Bagacian 

The great outdoors is the natural home for many explorers. Hiking the trails and seeing wildflowers, animals and the wide-open sky with friends or alone is a great hobby. But, when night falls, the tents are put up and there’s nothing but the sound of crickets and a fire, most people need another form of recreation. Traditionally, this has come in the form of alcohol. Drinking beer, wine or whiskey around a campfire is something of an American tradition. Yes, there were downsides to this recreational choice but, for a long time, we had very other few options. Now, due to recently altered federal and state laws, that is no longer the case. We can get that fireside buzz from CBD and THC infused gummies, brownies and snacks. There are many reasons these fireside activities are a better option than their boozy counterparts. Here are our top five favorite reasons to take edibles instead of alcohol camping.

Photo by Yaroslav Shuraev

1. Edibles Lighten Your Load

    Even if you just take a six pack of beer, you’re adding 4 to 5 pounds to your backpack. When you’re hiking, that adds up! That’s not to mention the weight of the cooler and the addition of wine or liquor if not everyone in your group likes the taste of beer. 

    A pack of gummies, on the other hand, weigh less than a pound. If you get packages with individually wrapped candies, like Sherpa rainbow gummies, everyone in your group will get their own delicious candy treat and a buzz to match without having to lug a cooler, glasses or bottles up a mountain. 


    Photo by Jill Wellington

    2. More Bang for Your Buck

    It takes at least two cans of beer to start to feel a buzz and 4-5 to start feeling truly intoxicated. It can take up to three glasses of wine to get that tingly relaxed sensation. How many gummies or treats do you need to get the full THC effect? One. That’s right, just one gummy, one small brownie and one tiny rice krispy treat offers a buzz similar to four glasses of beer. And it lasts longer. 

    While the effect of one of our Sherpa THC treats can take up to an hour to take full effect, those effects can last up to 12 hours. You won’t have to spend the night replenishing. You’ll be feeling those good vibes from an hour after your delicious treat until the very next morning. Go to sleep feeling relaxed or stay up all night talking about nothing with your travel companions. Our treats will be right there with you. 


    Photo by Cottonbro studio

    3. Everyone Gets a Good Night Sleep

    Unlike wine or beer which can act as a sleep disruptor, there’s evidence to suggest that lower dose edibles can act as a natural sleep aid. In a recent study, people who took edibles before bed fell asleep more quickly, stayed asleep longer and got better quality sleep than those who did not. 

    While we don’t recommend having one of our treats every night before bed, having a little help falling asleep after an exciting adventure like hiking, rock climbing or surfing can be very helpful. 

    Photo by Kindel Media

    4. They Keep the Vibe Chill

    Alcohol is unpredictable. It makes some people happy and relaxed, but it can also make your friends loud, rowdy and ready for a fight. THC on the other hand tends to have the opposite effect. If taken in the correct dosages, edibles will almost always produce a feeling of calm, relaxation and euphoria. To us, that sounds like a much more chill way to spend a weekend in the woods or on the beach. So, if you want a good buzz that will keep everyone laughing, relaxed and happy, ditch the beer cans and go for the gummies. 


    Photo by Nathan Cowley

    5. They’re Just Better for You

     While there is a lack of research on cannabis products, it appears that cannabinoids have fewer long-term health risks than alcohol. Cannabinoids don’t take a toll on your liver or kidneys in the way long term alcohol use does. Also, while it’s important to use edibles and other canna products responsibly, experts have determined that it is highly unlikely to die from a cannabis overdose. Alcohol poisoning, on the other hand, causes thousands of deaths a year. Plus, taking certain cannabinoids, especially low dose treats like our new Sherpa Pills, can offer significant health benefits where alcohol actually offers few if any benefits to health. 

    So, for our health-conscious explorers, these are very good reasons to party with edibles rather than that can of beer or glass of wine. 

    There you have it, five of our favorite reasons to take edibles instead of alcohol on your next outdoors adventure. Of course, there are many more reasons to make treats like Sherpa’s edibles your party enhancer of choice on any adventure. If you’re ready to take the plunge and use edibles as your trusted travel companion, look no further than our Sherpa Shop. Stay tuned to our blog for more about outdoor adventures, Cannabis facts and all life’s travels.
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