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Our Labs

  • Grown and manufactured in Texas and tested twice for safe exploration.

    Safety, legality, and quality are our top priorities. From farm to packaging, we monitor our products closely. At Pioneer Farms, Texas's first licensed hemp farm, we cultivate cannabis from state-approved seeds. Harvested cannabis is processed at our San Antonio plant, where our chemist tests each product for potency using industry-standard Liquid Chromatography. We also confirm our results with third-party lab testing. Keeping the entire process under one roof minimizes contamination and ensures uniform production. Double-testing with top-tier equipment guarantees precise dosages.
  • Meet Our Chemist

    Sherpa is one of the few Canna companies that retains a full-time Chemist in-house. Meet Roberto “Rob” Sanchez, our Chief Compliance Officer (CCO). Rob received his Bachelors of Science from the University of New Mexico in 2012. No product leaves Sherpa’s facility until it is tested by Rob and then retested by a third party to double check its potency. In his spare time, Rob enjoys building 3-D printers and playing around with their capabilities.

 Our COA’s 

Understanding a Certificate of Analysis (COA) is crucial for choosing Canna products. Every company must prominently display these on their site. If not, consider looking elsewhere. COAs are lab tests that show each product's cannabinoid potency, ensuring transparency and honesty. At Sherpa, we first test our products on-site, then with a trusted third-party lab. We encourage you to review the COAs for any product and contact us with any questions.